we can call SHIRDI SAIBABA as karunavatar ( all merciful compassion incarnate )
because HE is here to bestow his grace and compassion on us and make us internally pure.

San Diego Shirdi Saibaba Spiritual Center

(Nonprofit organization) Registration No: 3391065
9252 Miramar Road, Suite 6. San Diego, CA, 92126.
Contact Ph No: 858-342-9019
E-mail: shirdisaiseva@sandiegosaibaba.org

Please Donate to New Temple & Bigger Statue

    • - As our devotee base is increasing, we are working towards acquiring more spacious and permanent home for Shri Sai Baba and his Parivaar at a new temple facility with bigger statue.
    • - SDSSC is a non-profit organization.
    • - Please use the “Donate Now Button” below or pledge a given amount to be paid over a period of time.
    • - If you donate $1000 you will get one-year (weekly and monthly) puja sponsorship in your name - for free. This applies to every $1000 of donation.
    • - $5000 to $10,000 donors - their names will be written on the temple wall in the silver-sponsors list.
    • - $10,001 and above - their names will be written on the temple wall in the golden-sponsors list.

One-time Donation